Anastasiia Nykonenko – Ph.D.

Anastasiia is from Dnipro, Ukraine, where she obtained her BSc in Biology with her honours project focusing on habitat selection by roe deer in steppe forests. Having a profound interest in animal behaviour, she got engaged in various research projects, including studying the behaviour of reindeer in captivity and their reaction to the environmental enrichment in the Leningrad Zoo, Russian Federation. She also studied behavioral ecology of red deer and fallow deer in Azov-Syvash National Nature Park, Ukraine, and sociobiology of Przewalskii horses in Askania-Nova Biosphere Reserve, Ukraine. Her background includes research internships on studying mitochondrial dynamics at Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, and exploring animal communication at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Her MSc research is focused on investigating causes and consequences of social cohesion in Sable Island feral horses from the individual to the population level. Apart of science, Anastasiia enjoys reading, hiking and playing music, and cannot imagine her life without being surrounded by all kinds of animals. To contact, please email