Julie Colpitts – Ph.D.

Julie is from Ottawa, Ontario and did her undergraduate degree at Acadia University where her biology honours project focused on assessing the effects of potential anti-cancer drugs on DNA. She then obtained her MSc in evolutionary ecology at the University of Ottawa studying sexual conflict in a species of fruit fly. Julie is now drawing on her background in both theoretical and applied biology to study several aspects of population genetics in the Sable Island feral horses. She has helped lead several field seasons and was the recipient of a 2018 Vanier scholarship for her work in our lab. Julie loves yoga and all creatures big and small and can always regale you with stories of pet rats, horses and (most recently) chickens! If you’d like to get in touch with Julie, please contact her at julie.colpitts@usask.ca or find her on Twitter @julie_colpitts.

Photo Credit: Katherine Federoff