Tammie Windsor – M.Sc.

Tammie is an intermediate-level biologist who was welcomed into McLoughlin’s lab September 2022. Her graduate project focuses on the ecology of Saskatchewan prairie cougars. She grew up in a small oil and gas town within the boonies of northern British Columbia. Tammie’s childhood dreams were of becoming a biologist who specializes on wildcats. Her undergraduate degree was in Wildlife and Fisheries/Natural Resource Management at the University of Northern British Columbia. She seeks out adventure and travels for work and research opportunities. Tammie has employment experience within forestry and environment. She has been involved in various research projects through the university, ministry, and wildlife contractor companies. Her moto: through determination, hard-work, patience, and the willingness to learn your vision can become a reality. In her free time, well, she does more Biology. You can contact Tammie at: tammie.windsor@usask.ca.