Jordan Weisgerber – M.Sc.

Jordan Weisgerber joined the Animal Population Ecology Lab at the University of Saskatchewan as a M.Sc. candidate in September 2011 to study the feral horses of Sable Island. As a major part of his thesis work, he is examining the reproductive ecology of female horses by modeling how density, body size and other life history characteristics affect short-term reproductive output on the island. Jordan obtained body size measurements remotely using a parallel laser standard as a reference distance in digital photographs that were measured with photogrammetric software.

Jordan began his post-secondary education in the College of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan in 2006. At the beginning of his second year, Jordan transferred to the Department of Biology in the College of Arts and Science and graduated with a B.Sc. High Honours in Spring 2011. Under the supervision of Dr. Douglas Chivers and Zach Hoover, he completed an undergraduate honours thesis examining the effect of sub-lethal salinity levels on the reproduction of fathead minnows.