Kirsten Johnsen – M.Sc.

000013547734Kirsten started her Master’s in the McLoughlin Lab in September 2017 with Dr. Daniel Fortin (Université Laval) as her co-supervisor. Currently, she is studying the foraging strategies of the Sable Island feral horses. The aim of her project is to compare energy intake rates of mares in relation to which type of water source they are using and their parasite egg counts. She will also use resource selection functions to see which plant communities the horses are using compared to what plant communities are available.

In May of 2017, Kirsten completed her Bachelors in Environment and Natural Resources at the University of New Brunswick with a focus on wildlife conservation and creating environmental management strategies. She is most interested in behavioral and population ecology but in the past has worked in agriculture, wildlife monitoring, environmental impact monitoring, and forestry. She is also interested in ornithology and herpetology. In her spare time, she enjoys swing dancing, hiking, birdwatching, and painting. In the future, she hopes to eventually work in environmental impact assessments, research, or park management.


Photo Credit: Diana Jeong, 2018