Charlotte Regan -Ph.D (Joined October 2017)


Charlotte’s research focuses on how individual differences, whether genetically or environmentally derived, influence the performance of wild organisms and thus affect population and evolutionary dynamics. She is particularly interested in the role of movement behaviour in linking phenotypic variation to population-level processes, as well as how conditions early in life influence a variety of individual traits, from life-history traits through to early movement decisions.

During her PhD, Charlotte worked as part of the amazing St Kilda Soay Sheep Project to understand how both environmental and genetic variation contribute to differences in female reproductive investment. She now primarily works on the Sable Island Horse Project to understand how variation in the early ecological and social environment interact to determine individual fitness.

When not focusing on the lives of her study animals, Charlotte enjoys exploring the wilds of Canada with her Labrador Retriever in tow. If you’d like to get in touch with Charlotte, email her at or find her on Twitter @ce_regan.

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