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Please find a link to the pdf copy of our 2016 interim report on the population dynamics and critical habitat of woodland caribou of the Saskatchewan Boreal Shield, here: 

McLoughlin, P.D., K. Stewart, C. Superbie, T. Perry, P. Tomchuk, R. Greuel, K. Singh, A. Truchon-Savard, J. Henkelman, and J. F. Johnstone. 2016. Population dynamics and critical habitat of woodland caribou in the Saskatchewan Boreal Shield. Interim Project Report, 2013–2016. Department of Biology, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon. 162 pp.

A few favourite papers:

(Names of students or post-docs of my lab underlined)

McLoughlin, P.D., Lysak, K., Debeffe, L., Perry, T., and Hobson, K.A. 2016. Density-dependent resource selection by a terrestrial herbivore in response to sea-to-land nutrient transfer by seals. Ecology 97:1929–1937. mcloughlin_et_al-2016-ecology

van Beest, F.M., Uzal, A., Vander Wal, E., Laforge, M.P., Contasti, A.L., Colville, D., and McLoughlin, P.D. 2014. Increasing density leads to generalization in both coarse-grained habitat selection and fine-grained resource selection in a large mammal. Journal of Animal Ecology 83: 147–156. van-beest-et-al-2014-jae

McLoughlin, P.D., Morris, D.W., Fortin, D., Vander Wal, E., and Contasti, A.L. 2010. Considering ecological dynamics in resource selection functions. Journal of Animal Ecology 79: 4–12. j-anim-ecol-2010-79-4-12

McLoughlin, P.D., Coulson, T., and Clutton-Brock, T. 2008. Cross-generational effects of habitat and density on life history in red deer. Ecology 89: 3317–3326. ecology-89-3317-3326-dec-2008

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