Deer and Elk of Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

Our lab’s work at Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba was iniated by my previous Ph.D. student Dr. Eric Vander Wal (now a professor at Memorial University of Newfoundland).  Eric examined factors affecting spatial and temporal trends in elk group size and the implications for the transmission of bovine tuberculosis.  The decade-long study initiated by Parks Canada at Riding Mountain provides a solid base for this project which touches on both applied and theoretical ecology.

Michel Laforge joined our lab in January 2012 (see his bio under graduate students), and is tackling questions of resource selection for white-tailed deer in the surroundings of Riding Mountain National Park, and into Saskatchewan. Together with collaborator Dr. Ryan K. Brook, Michel’s project is focusing on habitat selection patterns of white-tailed deer with specific focus on developing new methods of estimating resource selection functions, and functional responses.