Welcome! Our lab welcomes undergraduate students interested in carrying out targeted research projects, generally as part of a Biology 480.3 or 481.6 project. In many cases, your project may lead to a publication. For example, Hayden Yip’s undergraduate thesis project ended up being incorporated into a paper in the journal Ecology. I very much encourage my undergraduate research students to work towards a publication as part of their work. I usually pair a student with a graduate student to act as their peer mentor, and together the student will learn quite a bit about writing up and analyzing data. Only rarely do my undergraduate students come out into the field with me (at present), due to the high costs of working in the field for the projects I have graduate students for; however, I am always open to ideas. Some recent undergraduate students that have worked in our lab have included Michel Laforge (now my M.Sc. student), Hayden Yip (also in grad school), Kara Jodouin (Selby), Erik Hedlin, Colleen Carter, Brennan Hefler, Melissa Checkowy, Robert Marquette, Bryony Griffiths, Meg Congram (NSERC USRA student), and Bronwen Hennigar (Trent University). I usually look for 3-4 undergraduate students to work with me and my grad students during the school year on projects. Contact me if interested!